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Friday, 7/10/2020
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VOTING OPTIONS: Each dish allows one vote. Votes are tallied instantly as they are cast, and the current winning restaurants are presented at Best Dishes.

Cast Your Vote: Click 'SELECT A RESTAURANT' to vote for the restaurant that in your opinion serves the best tasting version of this dish. Select a restaurant from the list to cast your vote.
Add a New Restaurant: If your restaurant is not listed, you may 'ADD A LOCAL RESTAURANT' by scrolling down to the bottom of the list and selecting that option. Adding a restaurant will also cast your vote.
Change Your Vote: If you have previously used this computer to indicate your preferred restaurant for the selected dish, the list pointer will be positioned at that restaurant. Select a different restaurant.
Withdraw Your Vote: You may completely 'CLEAR YOUR VOTE' for this dish by selecting that option found at the top of the restaurant list.
Selection: PIZZA STIXS [Under PIZZA]
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